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Snap-On Sweeping Mashines. Attachable to and 
detachable from the carrier vehicle within seconds. 
It is hydraulically driven and compatible with the 
hydraulic system of virtually any carrier vehicle. 

The unit is also available with diesel or gasoline 
engine for independent operation of the carrier 
vehicle´s hydraulic system.

A thorough, swift and low-priced cleaning 
operation is becoming of more and more importance 
in today´s professional world. 

Emptying of the debris container with remote operation 
from the carrier vehicle directly into containers.

Our Snap-On Sweeping Machine is the 
economical solution to your cleaning problems. 

The expensive components 
of the system you already 
own: your forklift, loader, 
tractor, minibackhoe or 
pickup truck is the ideal 
type of carrier vehicle for 
           the sweeping machine.



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