In the crude oil market, we use our global presence, market knowledge and capabilities to supply and demand, optimize supply chains and service the needs of our customers around the world. We source oil from a variety of countries around the world with our contacts with National Oil companies we offer solutions for producers and offer our support to refineries around the globe with tailored assistance.


We focus on long-term relationships and work with our customers to meet their supply and demand for the naphtha and make available the best prices and delivery terms.


The LPG market is a growing market and IPS continues to work on finding the best terms and delivery to our customers around the world. We deliver LPG to retailers and distributors as well as delivering to the end consumer for cooking and heating purposes via our partnerships


We source, store, blend and deliver cost-effective gasoline to our customers around the world, with an emphasis on quality service and optimal performance. We have built up long-standing relationships with NOCs, major refiners.



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